Top 5 Social Media Channels To Grow Your Wholesale Clothing Business!

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Who says social media is just for fun and time pass? Social Media these days have expanded its horizon to a greater pace; businesses are prospering with the use of social media. If you are a wholesale clothing dealer you too can be benefitted from the benediction of these sites.

For the open-minded entrepreneurs, who believe in “Go with the flow” philosophy; Social Media Channels are a boon while for the rest who are satisfied with the way they work these channels are nothing but just a time waste and a toilsome tactic to deal with.

But if we go according to the statistics Social Media Examiner exhibited that 97% of marketers are recently involved in social media channels however 85% of them are clueless about the social media tools to be used. Thus, it is clear that social media is picking up the pace and to keep one updated with the new technical generation it is necessary to be socially active. Here are the top 5 Social Media Channels that might help you in growing your wholesale clothing companies online:-

Grow Wholesale Clothing Business Through Social Media | Charu Fashions

Grow Wholesale Clothing Business Through Social Media


Who isn’t on Facebook?

Facebook is the “Talk of the city” these days and what can be better than making your store a part of the city talks? Interesting campaigns and offers can be your gate pass into the world of curious and potential buyers. Adding attractive images of your wholesale apparels can get more traffic on your website. Visit Facebook pages of recognized dealer to get an idea of the well liked posts. Do make the use of Insight Tool to keep a track record of the posts.

Grow Wholesale Business on Facebook | Charu Fashions

Grow Wholesale Business on Facebook


Businesses are flourishing on twitter, hence it is important for you to keep yourself up to date with the twitter. Hashtags are an astounding tool to bring in more and more audience to your platform. Another mantra is “Be Consistent” with your tweets; the tweets should be made on a routine basis.

Twitter benifit Your Wholesale Business | Charu Fashions

Twitter benifit Your Wholesale Business

Google +

Considering the recent hike in the social sites, it is expected that Google+ will soon become a massive platform for wholesale businesses. Add people of the similar niche in your circles, interact and join conversation on the common topic of interest and most important add good quality images. According to a recent survey, catchy and good quality images capture 67% more clicks.


Though, Linkedin has managed to occupy a special seat in the social still there are huge scopes of growth in the coming years. Add connections and join groups to get more in notice of the people of the same industry. You never when you can get a new business opportunity!

Grow Wholesale Clothing Business On Twitter | Charu Fashions

Grow Wholesale Clothing Business On Twitter


According to a recent study, Facebook and Pinterest actuated 20-33% of the women when they buy their outfits. So if you are a women’s , this is a go-go for your business. Women are attracted more by the images and graphics so upload fine images to captivate their eyes. This will result in more branding and will aid in publicizing your brand and products.

Above mentioned tools, when used wisely can do wonders for your business. Still in case you face difficulty in handling them all; a Social Media Manager or Executive can be hired for the same. Buck up its time to increase your social presence, all the very best!

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