3 Most Common Misconceptions About Wholesale Clothing Fashion!

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Wholesale fashion clothing is often taken differently by the masses. Though the wholesale clothing fashion industry is flourishing day by day yet, some doubts and hesitations are observed when it comes to placing the orders to a clothing wholesaler. Whatever the reason may be but for sure it is important to mop the glasses of the spectacles with which you see the world of wholesale clothing. There is nothing for which you should be scared of while you shop for wholesale clothing from wholesale selling distributors.

Misconceptions about Wholesale Business | Charu Fashions

Misconceptions About Wholesale Business

Out of the many, here are the top 3 most observed misconceptions about wholesale fashion:

Misconception No. 1

Not Expensive= Not Fashionable

Yes, its true wholesale clothing is less pricey than the clothes you pick from other retailers. But, that does not mean that they are not fashionable!

The reason behind their fewer prices is the direct contact of the wholesalers with the manufacturers and many a times, the wholesalers manufactures the product as well. Thus, no additional cost of transportation, taxes, etc. Ultimately, less cost for you. Now, tell me from where did you get the point that they aren’t fashionable? (I am still confused…)

Wrong about Wholesale Clothing Business | Charu Fashions

Misconception About Wholesale Clothing Business

Misconception No. 2

Wholesale Clothing doesn’t carry a brand!

First of all let me tell you, not all the branded clothes are fashionable! If that would have been the case a lesser number of fashion disasters would then be seen in fashion shows and on silver screens too. And above all, wearing big brands in parties and get togethers isn’t everyone’s piece of cake. The budget stretches everyone’s arms from giving away the currency notes, while wholesale clothing is budget friendly and can be afforded easily. Good quality and looks can be attained from wholesale clothing as well. I don’t understand why you want to squander your money in buying the tagged products which are simpler and costlier than the wholesale clothing?

Wrong about Wholesale Clothing Brand

Misconception About Starting a Wholesale Clothing Brand

Misconception No. 3

Nobody to assist in case of defects and size problems

“Customer is the king” Of course if you are paying, you have rights to get assistance and exchanges in case of defects and dissatisfactions. Even if you are doing wholesale online shopping, the option of exchange and returns is always available. So, feel free and place your required orders today!

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