10 Things To Learn From Wholesale Clothing Competitors!

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Competitors push you to achieve more

There is nothing wrong in a healthy competition. The pursuit of being better keeps the organization active and going. Every business involves competitors who strive to get a bigger piece of cake, so does womens wholesale clothing business. But before you jump in to compete, a proper and thorough home work about the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is a must. Respect your competitors and try to learn as much as you can by observing their style of working. Here are top 10 things you can learn from your competitors:

Analyzing Wholesale Competitors | Charu Fashions

Analyzing Wholesale Competitors

Defining Target Market

The first and foremost thing involves defining target market. Keenly observe where your competitor is supplying his lots and then compare it with your market. If you supply only to the retailers and your competitor is having boutique and outlets clients as well, note that and prepare a full proof plan to stretch your arms in the same direction.


Understand why your competitor is performing well! Learn about the policies and the strategies that he is following to keep his business growing. If found any of them profitable do not be hesitant to adopt it. Remember “Business is all about taking risks”.

Wholesale Business Strategy | Charu Fashions

Wholesale Business Strategy

Use of S.M.O

Social Media is the by far best tool to get the insights about your competitor. If it is your true competitor he ought to be doing well in his social media channels. Understand your loopholes and his strengths that are helping him to gain more and more traffic. Review the company’s post posts and analyze them well, see what distinguish them from your posts and where the scope of correction lies.

Grow Business Through Social Media | Charu Fashions

Grow Business Through Social Media

Media Outreach

Media can do wonders! Media has the ultimate power to increase your sales manifold by just a positive retort. See where other womens wholesale clothing distributors have been featured in the media and try pitching those media persons to avail the benefits for your company as well. Hire a dedicated P.R Manager for the same if required.

Media Outreach in Wholesale Clothing | Charu Fashions

Media Outreach in Wholesale Clothing


Presentation matters! How you package your products define a lot about the standard of your company and the quality that you sell. Observe the packaging of your competitor and see where they have saved money and where spent. And try doing something unique which looks great yet saves money.

Product Description

In case of online wholesale shopping, it’s just the description and the image play. No body to sell out, the image and the words speak for itself. Give your women’s wholesale clothing great words to express themselves. I am not asking you to your competitor word to word but do a proper research before posting the description on the site.(reframing a few lines from your competitor will do no harm)

Learn from the mistakes of your competitor

“Nobody is Perfect” You competitor too might have done some jeopardizes before reaching at this stage. Discover his cause of failure and pledge not to repeat them.

Listing of Products

The way you present means a lot. Display your products beautifully to attract more and more customers. See how your competitor has listed his products; if there are different sections for the type of wears or if they have different section for the latest arrivals, etc. Observe everything wittily! And see what you can adopt.


Are they airing their ads and videos? At the initial stage, it might not be possible for you to start your advertisements but videos can be promoted via you tube and other social media channels. Do a brain storming on this!

Online Reputation

Now, this is where you have to excel! Building a remarkable online reputation can take time but it isn’t that difficult. See what all your competitor has been doing to generate more traffic and don’t mind following the good points other womens wholesale clothing distributors have been doing.

Wholesale clothing Online Reputation management | Charu Fashions

Wholesale clothing Online Reputation management

Get, Set and Go! Wish you all the best for your marathon!

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