7 Common Mistakes You Are Making With Wholesale Clothing

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“To err is human.” We commit mistakes, we learn and we move on. Above all, mistakes justify the fact that an attempt was made! Either knowingly or unknowingly you contravene a few mistakes while dealing with Wholesale clothing suppliers. Here are top 7 mistakes you make while managing your wholesale clothing business.

Mistakes with wholesale clothing | Charu Fashions

Mistakes with wholesale clothing

You don’t have a Proper Marketing Plan? A goal without plan is just a wish. Set a full proof plan and follow it honestly. Try your best to bring max to max customers on your shop’s floor, by following marketing strategies and plans. Refer the net or consult an old dealer of the industry to get a fair picture.


Marketing Plan | Charu Fashions

Marketing Plan

Selecting a too competitive niche can be troublesome considering the long run of the business. A niche should be such where you can excel and where you have the maximum scope of growth. A highly competitive niche will restrict you from making high sales, will cut down the selling price and will also reduce your online rank on the internet. So, a fair piece of advice would be- Do your specialization where there is the maximum scope. Look around if all retailers are selling western wears, it’s your call for ethnic wears and vice versa. Don’t follow the masses and do something out of the box.


No reseller’s certificate! You can’t skip this please… A reseller’s certificate is a must before you are all set to begin your outlet. Do keep this in mind.


Knocking the wrong door! It is often observed that the retailers and boutique owners find themselves in hot water when it comes to deciding where to make wholesale purchasing from. Yes, we agree finding trustworthy Wholesale clothing suppliers is a tough task but it isn’t that difficult. There are several misconceptions about wholesale fashion clothing regarding the search of a reliable dealer but the fact claims that a good dealer can only be spotted out through contacts and reviews.


Assuming that your collection will always be loved and praised by your customers. Different people different choices, it is not at all necessary that your bulk shopping will be purchased and loved by your retail customers. So never expect more and be prepared for rejections. Try to get the best but still if remain unsold don’t lose hope and ask for feedbacks from your customers.


Perfect clothing collection | Charu Fashions

Perfect clothing collection

No call for action on company’s website. Zillions of businesses are flourishing on the web and you too can be one of them. Include space for customers to post their reviews and add links to your social media channels to increase the social traffic.


Sending long e-mails for self promotion. Oh hello! Nobody is sitting idle to hear your success tales and stories, talk point to point and finish it off! Your products and services are all that matters. If you are selling quality products the customers will visit again or else they will not. Your long boring mails can’t win the customers and their bucks.


If you are doing any of these mistakes (or all of them …), no issues you still have a second chance to improvise. Go ahead and shine! All the best, commit mistakes but please do not repeat the same ones. Try new next time and learn more Happy Selling.

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