Fashionable Indian Ethnic Kurtis- To Make Your Own Style Statement

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Necessity is the mother of all invention” and so the market is never deprived of the Ladies Ethnic Wear. No matter how full their wardrobes are women always have a new list to add more into it. Unlike men who have just a few options available for them to try, women always have bounty of options to endeavor. Women are never bored from making new experiments in the laboratory of their trial room. And Kurtis remain to be their favorite ingredient to experiment with. Kurtis are never out of trend and are loved and adored by women worldwide.

If you are thinking Kurtis are just a small and narrow part of the women’s fashion, let me tell you that you are highly mistaken if you think that way. Indian Ethnic Kurtis alone carries endless opportunities to be worn differently and to make you look different every other day. While long length kurtis with full arms renders one a corporate and formal looks, cut sleeved kurtis with a hunky-funky adornment is a perfect pick for a get together or party. Quarter sleeved kurtis furthermore acts as a mid way between purely formal and purely informal attire and is liked mostly by the college going girls. A quarter sleeved kurti, a cool pair of jeans, a college bag, flat strapped sandals, a few dangles and the birdie is ready to leave for the college campus!

Indian Kurtis | Charu Fashions

Indian Kurtis

The scope for variety and change is certainly the maximum in case of Kurtis. There is a refreshed crisp in every other style and pattern. Not only sleeves also the neck pattern aids in giving a different look. Even if everything from top to bottom remains the same but the type of neck is changed, the refinement will clearly get into notice. Usually the U-shape neck is preferred for a casual look, boat neck is usually used to create a party wear look and a long neck lends a formal and elegant look to the attire. Moreover, the various patterns and types of kurtis add on in increasing the number of options available for you. Printed kurtis, embroidered kurtis, crafted kurtis with gem stones, hand printed kurtis, girls you have so many choices!

Stylish Indian Wear | Charu Fashions

Stylish Indian Wear

When we asked a wholesale fashion clothing dealer about the reason behind increasing demand of kurtis, he explained “The best part about the purchase is many a time you don’t even have to think about the lower. Kurtis can be paired with classic pair of leggings or a jeans or jeggings or even skirt at times. So girls only need to buy a new kurti and a new dress is ready to enhance the pride and joy of their collection of Ethnic Wear.”

So which style are you planning to adopt this Summer’s  Sunday when you step out in groove?

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