Women’s Fashion – 5 Most Famous Fashion Designers of the World

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Fashion designers are like craftsman that weave a dream with a piece of cloth leading to the creation of beautiful & perfect dress, the dress that you have dreamt of. They transform your fashion dreams into the reality that you want to wear. The fashion changes very rapidly and the fashion designers are the one who develops those trends by making creative alterations in their designs or dresses. Their designs or dresses are inspired by the culture, local stories or youth ideas & the attires thus made inspire not only the wearers, but of course the people & society that surrounds.

Top Fashion Designers

Fashion Designers are the key person that brings out the creativity and manifest their journey in their piece of art. Hence, it’s a small attempt to present a token of gratitude to these innovators for their successful contribution to the fashion world.

Let the journey begin!!!

Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Coco’ Chanel (19 August 1883 – 10 January 1971) -The French fashion designer, known for the trademark suits and black women dresses, was a successful business woman and a pioneer of glamorous and elegant women’s clothing. She was known for her independent spirit and energy that she applied to her creative clothing lining. After she passed away, designer Karl Lagerfeld took the responsibility of the company to continue the vision of Chanel and keep the trend going on.

Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Coco’ Chanel

Ralph Lauren (October 14, 1939) – The American fashion designer, known for the famous clothing brand Ralph Lauren Corporation. The bourgeois casual look of Polo shirts, denim and Hampton-esque pieces were Lauren’s creativity inspired by English sporty elite. The classic suits for men and dresses for women that speculates the American clothing is his own collection. Now the Lauren label has been expanded to fragrance, jeans and children’s lines, and home accessories collection.

Ralph Lauren

Gianni Versace (December 2, 1946 – July 15, 1997) – The Italian Fashion designer, known for his Versace company that makes glamorous and stylish wear for women with his trademark siren dresses that most of the celebrities love. He was known for his art blending with fashion and experimented with aluminum mesh and fused leather and rubber. Now the Versace line has expanded into menswear, jeans, accessories and home collections. . After his death, his sister Donatella Versace took the command as creative director, while his brother Santo Versace became CEO.

Gianni Versace

Giorgio Armani (July 11, 1934) – The Italian Fashion Designer, known for his remarkable contribution in men’s fashion with his company Armani. Armani’s designs show the elegance and sophistication in the tailored garments. Armani is also famous for its women wears as it clubs the tailored lines and suits in its women’s wear collection. This innovation makes Armani one of the most successful designers of all time.

Giorgio Armani

Marc Jacobs (April 9,1963) – The American Designer, the creative director of Louis Vuitton, is known for his diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs. Jacobs’s designs are smooth and downplayed, with the use of muted colors and classic cuts that enhances the charm. The international success of Marc is growing and will continue with his new collections that keeps the customer base coming back for more variety.

Marc Jacobs - Fashion Designer

We hope that this blog took you to an interesting voyage of the great designers and the fashion world. Now remember about the hard work and creativity behind the success of the brands you purchase so that you will shop the best wholesale fashion clothing.

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