Womens Wholesale Clothing: Tips For Pricing Mantras!

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“The moment you make a mistake in pricing, you’re eating into your reputation or your profits.” – Katharine Paine

True isn’t it?? Opening a Womens Wholesale Clothing Business is not hardcore but yes to make profit out of it is a road with many obstacles. I think the journey of this road starts with money and ends with profit money.   To make profit by buying and selling what matters the most is pricing, that is how you will generate a Higher Profit into the race of this niche business as you must have studied there are lot more competitors out in the world.

Wholesale Clothing Profit

Okay let’s not roam around the topic we go straight from here. There are many ideas to build up your profit but the nerve wracking aspect is to label the price of wholesale products. As you low down the prices the sales increases but you find yourself that you are under going in the loss terms when you tally up the expenses. So, when you set the prices do keep in mind “study your Wholesale Clothing Competitors”. In the end it totally depends on you whether you stick the higher price or you go with the lower price but keep in mind if you have loads of products, you can lower the prices of the one which were at higher cost just to give you an idea to build the Relation with the Retailers.

Wholesale Pricing Mantra 

Think yourself as a retailer and what price does you expect from the womens wholesale clothing? Go with that price keeping in mind that it would not go to low to make you suffer a loss & yeah, I have heard these crap that selling the products at lower price creates a picture of the low quality brand with low quality products, please don’t even think like this these all are Popular Misconceptions about the clothing business. Once you have set the price as per the wholesale, double that price to create a retail price as to suggest to your retail customers.

While pricing the terms that are considered are:-

Expenses: Your load to reach the products in any way like calling, rent, utilities supplies, shipping cost of the product etc.

Materials: don’t even forget to forget that. Make sure that you cover your material fees.

Labor: Hire them at a good rate according to their capability and of course if you make big profit out of it give them bonus, quite hard but that will make you a good boss J

Profit: Just sit and relax then after think about how much you want to make which will fix your every problem and daily needs.

By including all these take this formula:-


In a nutshell, Pricing is a very important Aspect of any Business Strategy. It has to complement well with the Budget, ROI & Business Aims. Although, a startup can be a little more generous in terms of spending Big – Budget for a propelled & Rocketing Start in the Market. But, it’s still highly recommendable to Give good thoughts to your Pricing Strategies & keep them within your Business Budget.

Happy Budgeting! :)

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