Hello Halloween – Women Fashion Ideas 2015

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“It’s as much fun to scare as to be scared“ – Vincent Price

What if a zombie or a vampire attacks you from your back or a skeleton fall down in front of you? Afraid, aren’t you. Any normal day it is a frightening experience, but on Halloween its what the fun called. Yes, It’s Halloween Day; the day of fun with ghosts and goblins. A day when people dress up as a dead person and wander around the street doing fun activities along with ghost friends. The Halloween is a joyous festival where contemporary activities like trick-or-treat, costume parties, carving pumpkins into lanterns, playing pranks, lighting bonfires, telling scary stories and watching horror films are enjoyed.

Halloween Day | Charu Fashions

Halloween Day

The history of celebrating Halloween season is that it’s the end of the harvest season and a welcome to the winter season. The ancient records say about the Samhain people’s belief that it’s a day when the spirits cross over into the world. Moreover, there are many theories for Halloween, but this day everyone seems to be enjoying being a weirder one.

The costume parties are one of the best jubilant activities on Halloween. Everyone gets dressed up like a fictional character in a movie or comic series; or some weird character that one finds offbeat. The Halloween season has thus become the shopping season and the retailers and Women Clothing Wholesalers offer high discounts for the shopping freaks every year. The retailers can restyle their store theme with Halloween Costumes and can grab a higher discount on the dresses from the Wholesale Clothing Distributors.

Here are some different ideas for costumes that you can try out this Halloween and get the most scary and weird kind of look.

Crooked Christmas Tree – Grasp the season and be a little crooked. The Christmas tree costume will give you a look of holiday lover and a nature lover too.

Be a Devil – Bored of being a good and shy girl. Be a devil this year and show the dark side of yours.

The Pirate – Loved Jack, the pirate, then be the pirate lady and surf around the world.

Halloween Costumes | Charu Fashions

Halloween Costumes

The Super Girl – Yes, the Super girl is back in town and you are still pondering over other superficial characters. Be a Super girl with your super power.

Star Wars – You can be the Star wars super character like Kreia or Princess Leia and be a fierce warrior.

Fortune Teller Costume – Read others life and advise them crookedly. Have a little fun.

Halloween Costumes Idea | Charu Fashions

Halloween Costumes Idea

Minions – Love the cartoon character minion. Be one of them and enjoy.

Be a witch – Transform yourself in the magical world and be a scary witch.

Copy your friend – Be a different character like the one whom you daily observe i.e. your friend. Be the unique character your friend is and mimic him for one day.

Be on your own – Experiment your costume with the weird things and make it more different. You can give them any look like a fruit, vegetable or any accessory you use daily. It will mark your creativity and uniqueness in the party.

Scary Halloween Costumes | Charu Fashions

Scary Halloween Costumes

So go on shopping for these amazing ideas for Halloween or shop online from the various online portals or Wholesale Clothing Distributors and get your new weird Halloween look this season. Have fun at the Halloween and remember “Don’t Be a Fairy, this time is little scary”.

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