Designer Wholesale clothing for women : Blue – A Flawless Fashion color

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From the depth of the ocean to the reach of sky, the color blue marks its presence. Blue color symbolizes trust, loyalty and confidence. It comes in a variety of shades that can appeal well to the style & mood of a person. Whether its royal blue that shows the spirit of living or its light blue that depicts your gloomy mood, blue is the color that every woman wants in her wardrobe. So, retailers just grab the blue clothing collection from designer wholesale clothing distributors and revamp your clothing line to attract more buyers for your store.

The Color Blue | Charu Fashions

The Color Blue

Blue Color: Varieties of the Shade

The Blue color defines characteristic feature of a person and reflects his /her personality. This is the reason why people love blue color in clothes to style themselves as it imparts a cool and charming look.

Indigo blue is the color of rainbow and reflects devotion, wisdom and justice. This color is a combination of blue and violet and is a lovable shade for the clothing line.


Shades of Blue | Charu Fashions

Shades of Blue

 Dark blue color defines trust, intelligence, dignity and authority. It is especially the favorite color amongst youth because it’s the color of denim jeans and everyone knows that without a denim their wardrobe is incomplete.


Dark Blue Color | Charu Fashions

Dark Blue Color


Light blue or sky blue is the color of sky that depicts peace, spirituality and infinity. This shade of blue reflects a fresh, calm and soothing feeling. Sky blue color in your dress makes you feel free and independent.


Light Blue Color | Charu Fashions

Light Blue Color

There are different meanings for the color blue in different cultures, but it is the most popular & preferred color all over the world. Not only in the clothes, but even 53% of the national flags of countries have blue color in them. In corporate world, a dark blue suit is considered as the professional attire. Majorly, All the wholesale clothing distributors always keep blue color in their clothing stock as it is one of the most loved color in fashion world.

Thus, blue is the color that makes a person stand out from the crowd and makes him / her feel special like a star. Blue makes a beautiful look more beautiful. The retailers who provide designer wholesale clothing for women in their store should definitely have color blue in their clothing line. So, just grab the blue clothing line for your shop or store now and gain a higher profit and happy customers.

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