5 Types of Red Wholesale Handbags for Women On Valentine’s Day 2016

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You must be kidding! No, you can’t be serious. What? You are really serious. You have still not selected the Valentine’s gift for your ‘lady love’. Damn! How could you do this? Just, four more days to go for the ‘day of love’ and you are still indecisive about the gift of Valentine’s Day 2016. Great love Dude! Okay, okay, calm down. We are done with all the taunts and comments. Now, what? You need our help. Let us think. Well, the online world is full of so much gifting solutions ranging from flowers to chocolates, cards, cakes, love candies and a lot more. Oh! You feel that all these are the outdated things. Hey, retailers! You heard that, right? Then, what could be the possible solution for the biggest problem of the ‘season of love’, the problem of unique Valentine’s gift? We have got the idea. How about Designer Inspired Handbags? Why? It’s quite simple. Every girl loves to carry designer handbags with her to everywhere she goes. What is so ‘Valentine’ about it? Dear, choose the Designer Inspired Handbags in ‘Colour of Love’-Red. Perfect!! We Knew it. Not again! You need more help. Fine! Here is the list of top 5 types of Red Designer Inspired Handbags. And dear retailers, you should also look at this list and buy Wholesale handbags, since it will help you to grab more money on Valentine’s Day 2016.

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Red Classic and vintage Clutch 

Yes, that one, which you held for her in the last party while she was dancing.

Clutch ideally signifies a handbag, which is rectangular in shape and has no handles at all. This kind of handbag is a true epitome of modern women as it can be carried at weddings, dinner dates, church services and almost everywhere. On this ‘day of love’, surprise her with a Red vintage clutch. And let her feel your presence, every time she carries that clutch with her.

Vintage Handbags | Charu Fashions

Vintage Handbags

Red Embroidered Hobo Handbag

So, you have a bubbly, outgoing girlfriend. In such a case, a red Embroidered Hobo Bag will perfectly suit her personality. A hobo bag is generally medium-size crescent-shaped bag having a top zipper, shoulder strap and slouch in the middle. If you gift red Embroidered Handbags to your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day; she would be highly impressed with your choice and fall for you more than before.

Embroidered Handbags | Charu Fashions

Embroidered Handbags

Red Bucket Handbag

This one is my personal favourite. Any girl carrying stylish bucket bag looks ‘hot’ due to the fact that bucket bags are pretty cool. You don’t believe me. Then, check out the bucket bags online. Well, Bucket bags are generally medium sized or large handbags, which are shaped like a bucket with shoulder straps and drawstring closure. In this season of love, gift a red, stylish, cool bucket handbag to woo ‘her’.

Bucket Handbags | Charu Fashions

Bucket Handbags

Red leather chic Tote Handbag

And, the award of the most versatile wholesale designer handbags goes to leather Tote Handbag. Yeah! You heard it right. A medium to large sized handbag with an open top and two straps, Tote handbag is the most versatile handbag as it can be carried to parties, office, and casual outings. Make your ‘love’s Valentine’s day’ special by gifting her ‘red leather chic tote handbag’. And, trust us her love, kisses and hugs will follow.

Tote Handbag | Charu Fashions

Tote Handbag

Red Everyday handbag

Salute to women empowerment!! You too have a working lady in your life. Still, you are thinking about her type of handbag. Well, surprise your lady with a red Everyday handbag this Valentine’s Day. Everyday handbags have no particular structure. They are too comfortable and the girls can stuff their Everyday handbag with all her personal belongings in. Gifting a red everyday handbag on the Valentine’s Day 2016 will not only reflects your love for her, it will also reflect how much you respect her for what she is. And, it would eventually strengthen your bonding.

Everyday Handbags | Charu Fashions

Everyday Handbags

Don’t think anymore. Go grab the perfect Designer inspired handbag for your loved ones. From ‘loved ones’, we not only mean your ‘lady love’, we would suggest you to surprise all the beautiful ladies in your life this Valentine’s Day.

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