Indo Western Wear – Top 3 Bottom Wears Trending With Top

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Do you really want to know the reason for the girl’s obsession of Indo Western Wear? You must be kidding! Well, it’s simply because a well-fitted Indo-Western dress could be worn everywhere. Don’t you believe us? Fine! Let us know one scenario where you can’t wear them.

Top 3 Bottom Wears Trending With Top - Charu Fashions

Still thinking? Oh come on, stop it now. You too know that girls do wear Indo-Western outfits on almost all the occasions. And, the most common thing worn by the beautiful girls are indeed sexy, cool tops paired up with various bottom wears. In short, we could say that the trend of wearing a casual girl top is always in fashion. Girls could be seen searching the most fashionable and trendy bottom wears to pair up with their tops. So all the retailers who deal in wholesale western wears, what are you waiting for? You ought to do a lot of purchasing from Indo-Western Dresses Suppliers. Alright!! You want us to help you with your shopping list of bottom wears. Here is the list of top 3 bottom wears that girls usually search for:

Skinny Jeans

Top With Jeans - Charu Fashions

The most inseparable part of any girl’s style statement is none other than Skinny Jeans. It is that one Awesome Indo-Western Wear, which has a place reserved in every girl’s wardrobe. From sweats and sneaks to casual tops, kurtis or bow blouse, girls pair up their Skinny Jeans with anything. And, we guess all the retailers already know that Jeans are always in trend. Even if you already have a great collection of Jeans, add some new pairs of jeans to attract more girls.

Palazzo pants


Top With Palazzo - Charu Fashions

As a summer season style statement, girls are usually seen wearing Palazzo pants with their most girlish tops. Palazzo pants are generally long girl’s trousers, which are cut with an extremely loose and wide leg. The fashion of wearing Palazzo pants became popular in the late 1960s and 1970s. Since then, the Palazzo pants are rocking on the list of most fashionable bottom wears. So, retailers dealing with Wholesale Apparels need to bring in a lot of Palazzo pants in their stores to increase their profit margin.

Stylish Skirts

Top With Skirts - Charu Fashions

Do you really want us to discuss all the skirts styles with you? We mean the list is too long. From A-line Skirt to bubble skirt, broomstick skirt, circular skirt, fishtail skirt, there are a lot of skirts available as the Western Wear Wholesale. Coming in all shapes and styles, girls do pair up these trendy skirts with their tops to be worn on any occasion. And, the best part about these skirts is that they could be worn by girls of each body type, age and any profession. With no biases at all, Skirts suit every woman on every occasion. And if still you retailers are thinking, don’t please. Go and grab some stylish skirts for your stores.

Top With Other Bottom Wears - Charu Fashions

We know retailers, we have inspired you a lot to increase your line-up of bottom wears for all the gorgeous girls. But you know what; there are a lot of other bottom wears that are usually purchased by beautiful hot ladies. Some worth mentioning are Shorts, Capris, lowers and Harem pants. You really ought to speed up and purchase a lot of wholesale western wear from Indo Western Dresses Suppliers. And, this will surely increase the number of girls popping up in your shop!

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