5 Reasons Why Ladies Ethnic Wear Kurtis Are Popular

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Once considered entirely an Indian wear, Ladies ethnic kurtis have turned the ‘fashion world’ upside down like a storm. In recent times, not only commoner or Indian celebrities but, multiple international celebrities were seen wearing this Ladies ethnic wear at various occasions. So, is it elegance, style or Bollywood influence that has brought this change?  Well, the reasons are infinite. But, we will give you top 5 reasons, which will inspire you to purchase wholesale Kurtis from ethnic wear wholesale suppliers.

Reason For Shopping Kurtis - Charu Fashions

Three in one: Elegance, comfort and style

Think about one ladies wear, which offers the most comfy and stylish feel. You would probably come up with a lot of suggestion. Now, add elegance to the comfort and style. You got it! Yup, it’s only a Ladies ethnic kurti, which can offer all these together. All the kurtis are too comfortable. And, trust us they offer enough elegance and style to be a ‘must thing’ in every girl’s wardrobe.

Design, Comfort, Elegance | Charu Fashions

Heck lot of designer kurti patterns

We were ‘Googling’ just to increase our knowledge of Ladies Kurtis. And, can you guess what we came to know? Well, currently there are more than 30 different types of Wholesale Kurtis available. Yeah! You heard it right. More than 30 different types already exist. And, Indian garment manufacturers are continuously coming up with new Designer for this Ladies ethnic wear. Damn! That’s a Lot to choose from.

Kurti Patterns | Charu Fashions

Long gone are the ‘body type’ issues

We all are equal. Oh really!! We mean seriously! While some of us can wear cool hot pants to look sexy, the rest of us look too ‘fat’ if we dare to wear these hot pants. This simply implies that we all are not equal. But there is one particular ladies wear, which brings back all the equality. It’s none other than Ladies Ethnic Kurtis. Most of the ethnic wear wholesale suppliers have varied sizes and shapes for this ‘ladies wear’, which easily suits every body type. Try some of these astonishing wholesale Kurtis yourself and feel the equality.

No size issue | Charu Fashions

No size issue


No worries of the Occasion

Most of the time, girls are too confused about their dresses. They have altogether different set of clothes for different occasions and different settings. But, they have one thing in their wardrobes to simplify this confusion. That thing is Ladies Kurtis. Why? Well, simply because it could be worn on every occasion and can be worn everywhere. Formal, semi-formal or casual no matter what the setting is, this fits well everywhere.

Perfect party wear | Charu Fashions

Perfect party wear

DIY styling options

It’s all about girl’s tendency that they easily get bored with their stuffs soon. But, this ladies ethnic wear has a lot of styling sense. We mean, ladies ethnic kurtis have lot of styling options. It could be mixed up with different ladies bottom wears, it could be worn as one-piece dress, it could be paired up with lot of accessories, it could be teamed up with shorts and skirts and so on.

DIY style kurtis | Charu Fashions

DIY style kurtis

Don’t waste time now. Go and purchase wholesale Kurtis quickly!

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