Fashion of Multicolor Handbags In 2016

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Gone are the days when the monochrome wholesale Handbags were called the style statement. It’s time to welcome ‘the fashion of multicolor handbags’ in 2016. Yup! The Multicolor Handbags are the trendiest things in the fashion world nowadays. The vibrant colours of these handbags make them the most versatile handbag. However at times, we find it very difficult to carry these cool handbags due to its crazy colours. We mean, we all buy some wholesale designer handbags and then we find it difficult to pair them up with our dresses. So, we actually tried to sum up the tricks and bits to make sure that these handbags enhance your beauty every time you carry them!

Multicolor Handbags | Charu Fashions

Buy embroidered handbags and get the Multicolor handbags for free!! Well, not in the real sense but, in the literal sense as most of the embroidered bags are multicolor. Once you purchase them, you can simply pair them up with the multicolored ethnic Kurtis for women to get the perfect college going look. And if you buy an embroidered clutch, this time, you can confidentially carry it with your ethnic clothes to a wedding.

Kurti With Multicolor Handbags | Charu fashions

Having only a Multicolor Handbag when planning a disc party can be a big mess. You can’t opt for ethnic clothes and you cannot wear something too colourful for a disc. What will you do it such a case? If you trust our fashion tips, wear one of your favourite dress and carry this bag. No, we are not kidding at all. You just choose the most dominant colour of the handbag for your dress and then, use the other dominant shade of the bag in your makeup, footwear and accessories.

Dresses With Multicolor Handbag | Charu fashions

Wholesale handbags suppliers offer you a wide range of Multicolor handbags and we easily got tempted with their sparkling colours. In case, you have purchased a sexy multicolor side bag from these suppliers then, here is the deal. Pair this beautiful bag with a sexy wrap around skirt and a casual georgette girl’s shirt. Make sure that the skirt and shirt do have a whole lot of dominant colours of your handbag.

Skirt with Multicolor Handbag | Charu fashions

A pair of denim jeans is always our favourite. And, we never leave a chance to wear this on almost all the occasions. But if you have only a multicolor bag, you have to think twice before wearing it. Either you wear your favourite jeans or you carry the handbag with other dress.

Denim Jeans With Multicolor Handbags | Charu fashions

Well, not anymore. You just choose a sexy bright coloured crop top with your jeans while carrying these handbags. But make sure that you wear a whole lot of colourful funky jewellery with it. We bet you, you will just steal the show.

Crop top With Multicolor Handbags & Accessories | Charu fashions

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