Wholesale Home Decor – DIY Backyard Ideas For Summer 2016

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Having a beautiful house implies that you constantly look for amazing ideas to decorate and customize it. And, decorating the Backyard becomes quintessential in the summer season. While some can afford in-ground pool or dream deck, others try to find some easy wholesale home decor products to make their backyard ready for the approaching summers. For all those who are planning to rejuvenate their backyard for the summers, we have compiled some DIY budget friendly tips and tricks.

DIY BACKYARD | Charu Fashions


If you have any old chair in your house, you can turn it into a swing. Place some cushions on the chair swing for the comfort.

Swing | Charu Fashions

Home decor distributors offer a lot of wholesale home furnishings but, you can recycle the waste in your house. You can use an empty wine bottle by converting it into tiki torches. And the best part is, it will work as mosquito repellent too.

Tikki torches | Charu Fashions

If you love watching a movie, then you can set up your lounge movie theatre in your backyard. All you need to do is to simply place some mattress with decorative bedcovers, cushions and puffs in your backyard along with an LED. You can also buy wholesale home decor products to make it more amazing.

Its movie time | Charu Fashions

Bunk beds are still appreciated by a lot of us and, if you too own an old bunk bed then, it could be placed in the backyard to relax. This could be decorated with beautiful cushions and puffs to make it more cozy and comfortable.

Bunk Beds | Charu Fashions

If you have pallet wood available then, you can utilize it to create a pallet wood sofa for your backyard. Buy some wholesale home furnishings stuff to make it appear beautiful. Some gorgeous and colourful cushions will do the trick.

Pallet Sofa  | Charu Fashions

If you are still left with some spare pallet wood, you can utilize it to pretty up your boring backyard by creating pallet flower display with it. Place some beautiful potted plants in these to add grace to your rusty backyard.

Pallet Flower Display | Charu Fashions

If your backyard has some trees then, you ought to try this for sure. Use a hammock to offer you the wonderful spot to relax. And the most relaxing spot could be made more comfortable with the help of some cushions and wholesale home decor products.

Hammock | Charu Fashions

We know, you have already started to collect things to try all these ideas. You would appreciate us once you are done decorating your backyard. Just send us the Pics of your beautiful Home!!

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