Wholesale Home Decor Optical Illusion To Make Home Feel Bigger

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Name just one person who doesn’t want to have a big house? Well, if I look at myself, I really don’t know even one single person. But, having a house of own is way better than having none, no matter it’s a small house or big. And, with our simple tricks and hacks of wholesale home decor, you can make your house looks bigger than the reality.

Charu Fashions | Optical Illusions

The Coloring Effect

If you have a small house and you want to make it look bigger, all you need to do is to redo the colour in your house. For this, you should select some lighter shades which are quite reflective. The reflective effect of these light shades gives a bigger and brighter look to your house. If you want to add more charm, you are allowed to purchase light-coloured wholesale home furnishings to make your house more reflective and bigger.

Charu Fashions | Colors

Bright Lights

Lights play a very important look in making your house look glamorous. But, do you know the lights could also make your house look bigger? If not then, let us tell you that lights make a whole lot of difference in the appearance of your house.  Allow a lot of natural light inside your house and wisely use some lamps to give a larger appearance to your sweet little house.

Charu Fashions | Natural Light


I am pretty sure that you must have visited some large showrooms for sure but, have you ever noticed that they decorate their place with a lot of mirrors. Let us reveal the secret for this. This one thing make the place look bigger. You too can purchase some classy mirrors from wholesale home decor suppliers and fit them wisely in your house. Well-placed mirrors in your house will make it look way bigger than the reality.

Charu Fashions | Mirror

First, Organise Then Decorate

I know that it is pretty difficult to keep a small house tidy and clean but, this is the first key to making your small house look really big. Make sure that you clean your house properly and then start decorating it. From wholesale home decor retailers, you must purchase some good furnishing and decor items to enhance the beauty of your house. Well, clean and properly decorate house looks bigger for sure.

Charu Fashions | Clean room

Proper Arrangement

From wholesale home decor suppliers, you always try to find the best furniture for your house but, in the case of a small house, you have to buy smart furniture in place of best one. Try to find some amazing, stylish and smart furniture for your house and arrange it properly to make sure that a lot of space is still left out. This trick is the best optical illusion for a bigger house.

Charu Fashions | Proper Space

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