Why Printed Patterns Are In Fashion For Ladies Ethnic Wear?

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Fashion clothing industry always encounters new fashion trends and girls go nuts over them. There was a time when solid colours were totally ‘In’ in the ethnic clothing but, the time is slowly changing now. While the solid colours still rule the ethnic fashion world, the whole new trend of printed patterns is slowly showing up to curb the other trends. And, here are the reasons why Indian garment manufacturers are bringing this fashion with a rage.

Charu Fashions | Solid Color VS Printed Patterns

It’s easy to mix and match

Charu Fashions | Stylish Bottom Wear

While solid colours do make a whole lot of difference in style, it’s easy to mix and match printed patterns. You can easily wear a printed pattern ethnic kurti or tunic with multiple styled bottom wear to present a unique style of fashion. The list of colour options and style options all of sudden increase.

Accessorize in style

Charu Fashions | Accessories Style

Printed patterns are always easy to accessorize while solid colours are not. For solid colours, you have to be colour specific or accessory specific whereas printed pattern could be easily accessorized with various styles and colours of accessorize. If you have purchased printed wholesale kurtis, you can wear folk or modern jewellery with it. Every change in accessory marks a different style.

Light print could be treated as solid

Chaur Fashions | Solid Into Prints

Ladies ethnic wear wholesale suppliers offer wide range of printed patterns which are too light or small. All these patterns could be easily blended with solid colours and other bold patterns to make a whole lot of difference. A classic piece of printed kurti offered by Indian garment manufacturers look fabulous as printed pattern or if considered as solid pattern.

Gives you a younger look

Chaur Fashions | Look Younger

Solid colours makes you look mature as they are too formal while the printed patterns on wholesale kurtis make you look a bit younger and energetic. The printed patterns are very much in trend and you can easily conceal your age up to an extent with these. Moreover, you can blend patterns with various other stylish stuffs for younger feel.

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