The Way You Carry Your Wholesale Handbags Says About Your Personality!!

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Do you have any specific style to carry your favorite wholesale handbags daily? Maybe, you have never noticed that. Think harder and you will get the idea that you really have a specific style to carry your handbag. So what? Well, your way of carrying handbags reveal a lot about your personality and attitude. Check yours-

The Way You carry your Handbag Says About you - Charu Fashions

Bag swinging freely

If you love to purchase designer embroidered handbags and you generally carry them on one shoulder, you are someone who prefers ease over style and grace. The functionality of the handbag is your utmost priority rather than displaying the brand, color or shape.

Bag swinging freely - Charu Fashions

Cross body

Wholesale designer purses or wholesale sling bags are the personal favorites of most of the fashion conscious girls. When girls carry them in the form of ornament by wearing them cross bodied with the bag on the front side, it indicates that they are cautious personality and they are often shy and reticent.

Cross body - Charu Fashions

Between crook of elbow

The tote bags and other fashionable multicolor handbags are carried in the crook of the elbow. This style of carrying the handbags indicates that the girl is extremely careful about your status and position. You are literally worried about the way people perceive you in the world and you are too cautious about it.

Between crook of elbow- Charu Fashions

In the hand

Handbags wholesale suppliers often offer bags which are small as they are completely stylish and elegant. These handbags are often carried directly in the hand and there is no other style to carry this. This particular style deciphers that the girl is completely independent and she knows her work and life better than anyone else.

In the hand- Charu Fashions

No bag at all

There are various girls and women who don’t carry wholesale handbags at all. All these girls are generally so dependent on their closed ones that they know that someone will be there with them all the time. This also indicates they earn good and reliable friendship from people around them.

No bag at all - Charu Fashions

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