Maternity Fashion: Different Ways To Dress For Your Pregnancy!

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. During this phase, the body undergoes huge physical transformations which in turn demands soft and comfortable clothing. In old times, the woman used to wear old clothes for comfort and do not bother about style so much. But in today’s world, woman needs to remain in fashion in maternity time too as most of them are working women and need stylish clothes which are comfortable to maintain their persona.

Different ways to dress for your Pregnancy | Charufashions

So here are some clothing tips which embrace the modish personality of women in maternity time:


Leggings are the most comfortable outfits in today’s time in women clothing. You can wear legging with any Kurti or tunics or beneath the shorts/skirts and remain comfortable during gestation days. They also gives you streamlined look when paired with knee length boots.

Leggings | Charufashions


This is the most fabulous women outfit to hide the bump and flaunt your personality in a perfect manner. You can wear any of bracelet-length sleeves, vented sides, deep V-necklines and floral printed tunics which stays in forever trend. You can pair it with leggings or wear it over skinny jeans. It is helpful while nursing too.

Tunics | Charufashions

Maxi dress

Maxi dress in woman clothing is the most popular and lovable dress for all the ages of women. It is a serene trendy attire which can be wear by a lady for a perfect embrace. Woman love to wear this dress during pregnancy period as it comforts her and makes her beautiful during her most precious days.

Maxi Dress | Charufashions

Long tank top

In pregnancy time, you look for a stretchy top which makes you feel relaxed during strenuous work and you’ll not get exhausted and ease out your work smoothly. You can wear it alone or with any bottom wears.

Long Tank Tops | Charufashions

Unstructured, chunky cardigan

Since the classic cardigans never go out of style and gives you more flexibility, so it is one of the comfortable outfit for you. The material is also very soft which provides soothness in gestation period and also warm your arms and back as well as leave breathing room for your belly.

Chunky Cardigans | Charufashions

Wrap dress

Wrap dress is elegant and easy. It not only provides easiness but also protect your bump. It’s readjusting nature is the reason which makes it the best choice for all the ladies to wear this outfit during maternity.

Wrap Dress | Charufashions

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