7 Must Have Items For Fall Season

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The season is changing and is getting colder now. So we all are getting ready for this Fall season. But you must have an idea about all necessary items in this season which are comfortable and yet stylish.

Must Have Items for Fall Season | CharuFashions

Let’s see what items are necessary to get glimpse of everybody in this Fall Season:

Upper Wear

The autumn season brings the beginning of cold weather so your top outfits should be something which keeps you warm like you can try sweaters, long sleeved tops or bottom up jackets in the upper wear.

Upper Wears | CharuFashions

Bottom Wear

In autumn season, the best bottom wear is either denim or leather pants or baggy trousers. You can also try Paper-Bag Waist Pant as they look super awesome in this season.

Bottom Wears | CharuFashions


Accessories are very important for a beautiful look so you cannot forget this. You can use a hat or a scarf, jewellery (Chucky pieces of necklaces and bracelets) which definitely will add sparkle to your look. But beyond this bag is also important. You cannot forget bag as this is the main accessory for a lady for getting a proper gaze.

Accessories | CharuFashions


The best shoes for an autumn season is only THE BOOTS, avoid sandals in this season. Knee-high boots, low-ankle boots, mid-calf boots, all in different colors such as brown, black, white, grey and pale, pastel shades can be wore as they will provide warmness in cold season and looks perfect too.

Boots | CharuFashions


Hair should be styled according to your dress and most importantly your face to get the glimpse of everyone. You can opt for a messy bun or a messy ponytail or if you don’t want to tie your hair then just left them open. They will look super cool.

Hair | CharuFashions


Fall season is the initiation of cold season so update your makeup bag with some accessories like eyeliners, lip gloss, eye shadow etc which helps you to remain trendy and flawless.

Makeup | CharuFashions

So welcome the Fall Season With these Items and be Trendy and be Fashionable!!  For more updates Like us on Facebook!!

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