6 Ways To Become The Star Of The New Year Eve Party!

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New Year is arriving soon and we are all set to welcome 2k17 with the bang. Lots of preparations are going in our mind for this NYE party and we all are thinking of how to become the star of the night and steal all the glance of the surroundings. After all, we girls are the attention seekers 😉 Well, for this dream to come true, today I’ve brought up with some ideas to try for this party and get loads and loads of compliments!

Have a look on the ideas and become the star of the New Year Eve!

Dress To Define Your Persona

Whether a theme party or normal one, don’t go for the EXPOSE. Instead, go for the one that enhances your look. Lace, shimmery, plain color dresses/gowns will do wonder.

Dress To Define Your Persona | Charufashions


Simply put on Red lipstick, shimmery eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, a lush mascara and of course the nail paint and you are all set to rock the party with your star look.

Makeup | Charufashions


Try the hairstyle that goes with your neckline. If you are wearing the backless dress, then go for a bun. If you are wearing one shoulder dress, then braid or open one side swept will go on.

Hairstyle | Charufashions


Go for mix and match footwear. Stiletto, flats, bellies or pumps any but keep in mind to put on stockings to keep you warm on this chilly night.

Footwear | Charufashions


Put on light accessories like a bracelet, earrings, and ring. You can also add small pendant/necklace if you want. And yeah, don’t forget the clutch.

Accessories | Charufashions


Yes, this is the major part in enhancing your personality. If you are wearing a nice dress with pretty good makeup but lacks in confidence then you won’t look appealing So it’s important to wear confidence and shine in the NYE party.

Confidence | Charufashions

So try these ideas and you are all set to get loads of compliments and become the star of the evening!

Enjoy Reading and Happy New Year :)

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