Colours to rock the floor like Melania Trump

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As we all know that Melania Trump has become the First Lady of America.  Gorgeous wife of US President Donald Trump is also known as a former Model of Slovene-America.  Yesterday she spotted in Ralph Lauren’s outfit at the inauguration day. She always makes her presence remarkable. Melanin Trump has become a fashion inspiration to women. The way she carries herself in every outfit, reflects royalty. Now I’m gonna tell you how you can make your every appearance special by wearing these colours.

So are you ready to fill your surroundings from these hues?


Melania Trump in Beige Dress

Beige defines a classic look, a very funky, yet chic colour to wear, it goes well with every skin tone. Just wear a beige dress with knee length boots and accessorise yourself with some funky stuff and you’re all set to head out.


Melania Trump in white Dress

White indicates peace, if you’re wearing any outfit of this colour then you will surely look beautiful and you’ll be the one who’d make people decent to you.


Melania Trump in Black Dress

Black indicates desire, People always prefer black whether a casual hangout or an evening party. Especially this colour loved by women because it gives a sexy and seductive look to their personality


Melania Trump in blue Dress

Blue indicates royalty, every woman must have few outfits of this colour to her wardrobe, and if you wear a blue dress with pumps then you will be “An apple of eye”.


Melania Trump in Red Dress

Red indicates love, undoubtedly I can say this is only the most desirable colour to attract someone towards you. Well, Valentine’s Day will be in next month. You can wear a red lace dress with pumps and don’t forget to put on a red lipstick to make that day more special.

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