How Bulky Women Can Look Graceful?

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I always wondered why bulky women literally stare at skinny women. Recently, while talking to one of my female friend, I came to know that this staring thing is all a part of their long cherished desire. The Desire to glam up in all sort of modern outfits, the desire to look gorgeous and sensuous which seems quite a task with their flabby body type. So, with intense research, here are few fashion tips for all such women to assure that you can look more stunning than those skinny type chics.Bulky Women Can Look Graceful

Black colour is considered as the quintessential hue for bulky women but, why to stick with one colour in this colourful world. You can explore all the beautiful pastels to see the whole world in new light. Choose dresses for women with minimal print and patterns so that, you don’t give a bulky appearance.

Pastal Colors for Bulky Women Outfits- Charu Fashions

Your upper wear should be in light colour to give you an elegant and chic look. Women clothing in light colours are extremely beautiful and too sexy for you. This elegant piece of t-shirt, kurtis or top could be well paired with dark coloured bottoms to give you a sophisticated and slim look. Try to assure that your bottom wear is skinny types. It should not be loose at all.

Skinny Type Bottom Wears- Charu Fashions

If you love prints and patterns on your women clothing, you really need to be cautious about the prints and patterns to choose.  Heavy and wrong print can make you look overweight which you will not appreciate at all. Go for vertical stripe or lines along with vertical patterns. If you want to go with colourful prints, choose the small sized prints for yourself. Small polka dots are an extremely good option for you in dresses for women.

Printes And Pattern For Bulky Women- Charu Fashions

When it comes to neckline for your women dresses, you have to be extra cautious. As wrong neckline could reveal lot of your bust line and can make you look fat. Go for a broad neckline in your t-shirts, kurtis and tops. With a matching scarf, you can add extra glam in your look. The scarf can also help you in covering up your heavy bust line.

Neckline for Bulky Women- Charu Fashions

When it comes to fabric, I personally believe that cotton is the most comfortable one but, if you want to look glamorous, you have to compromise a little bit on this. Cotton is bit puffy for women clothing and hence, it would make you look flabby all the way more. Go for fabrics like chiffon, synthetics and crepe. They are slippery in look and can make you look slim.Fabrics for Bulky Women-Charu Fashions

Well, the tips are too many but; these above 5 tips are the most amazing one for you as they really work. Other than these, you can opt for full sleeves, you can go for kurtis more, you can go for high-waist jeans and you have to avoid starched clothes. If you have your own fashion tips, don’t forget to share these with us.

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