DIY Fashion: How To make Your Own Faded jeans??

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Is there any women clothing that you have sighed over million times but, never dared to buy it? Well, we guess the sheer beauty of a distressed designer jeans is something that must have blown your mind out several times but, the ridiculous price tag is something that must have stopped you from buying it. So, does that mean you could never own one. Well, with our exclusive DIY tips you can make your own faded jeans for yourself.

DIY Fashion How To make Your Own Faded jeans- Charu Fashions

Before letting you the whole process, let us tell you the things that you would need. Grab a pair of rubber gloves, Plastic bucket, Liquid bleach, some old newspaper and a pair of scissors.

That You Need To DIY Faded Jeans-Charu Fashions

Wear the gloves before starting. Bleach is not good for skin so, it’s safe to be avoid direct contact of bleach. Fill the plastic bucket with one part of water and one part of bleach. The quantity should be enough to submerge your jeans. To catch spills, spread newspaper around the bucket.

MIx Water And Bleach - Charu Fashions

The prepared solution needs to be handled carefully and it’s good to continue the whole process outside the house. Submerge your pair of jeans in the solution and leave it for around 30 minutes. Make sure that your jeans is evenly exposed to avoid uneven bleaching out patterns. Keep checking it every ten minutes.

Submerge your pair of jeans - Charu Fashions

Once you reach the desired result, it’s time to wash your new faded jeans. This well-prepared women dress is perfect for all occasion and hence, you need to wash it too carefully. Don’t use the detergent and wash the jeans in washing machine for at least twice. To avoid yellow tint, don’t use detergent and dryer. Dry the jeans in sunshine for a good result.

Wash And Dry your Jeans To get Faded Jeans - Charu Fashions

For a distressed look in your women clothing, its time now to use the pair of scissors.  Distress the jeans as per your wish and its now time to flaunt these stylish dresses for women.

Use pair of scissors To Cut your jeans- Charu Fashions

With this trick, you can also make a stylish pair of faded jeans short for yourself. The whole process would be similar expect for the quantity of solution. With right DIY tips, you will have the most stylish wardrobe for yourself.

Stylish Wardrobe With DIY Clothes- Charu Fashions

Trust us, no one would be able to guess the real cost of your sexy pair of jeans and everyone would really appreciate your style and grace with this pair of faded jeans on.

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