Fashion Guide: Different Types of Jeans to Know About!!

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Loved by all, missed by none, just sexy top with stylish jeans, you’re all set and done. Okay, jokes apart. You would agree with me that jeans are by far the most adorable bottom wears for women and every contemporary woman does have this piece of sheer beauty in her wardrobe as they are comfortable and have low maintenance. However, jeans are available in different styles and patterns that make it difficult for an average girl to choose.

Types of jeans for women | Charufashions

Here is a quick fashion guide at your rescue.

Straight or the Cigarette Jeans

Perfect for curvy girls, this kind of jeans give proper shape to your thighs, hips and calf muscles. Unlike skinny jeans, this kind of jeans fit snugly on your legs that make it an ideal choice. In this kind of jeans, the legs are narrow and straight and do not go wide at the ankle making it look extremely stylish and fashionable.

Straight or the Cigarette Jeans | Charufashions

Flare Jeans

This style of jeans is quite popular among all the bottom wears for women since time immemorial. If you are petite and have short legs, this kind of jeans is perfect for you. These have a flared wide opening from the knees and down giving it a beautiful look. The portion above the knees fit snugly around the thighs and hip.

Flare Jeans | Charufashions

Skinny Leg Jeans

If you are a true fashionista, I’m sure that you must have preferred this kind of jeans over any other women clothing irrespective of your body type but, this jeans suits well on slim and lean body type. It is tight throughout your legs and it snugs well around your hips, thighs and whole legs. If paired with right upper wear, they can be worn by anyone.

Skinny Leg Jeans | Charufashions

High waist Jeans

Some people believe that this kind of women clothing is fit only for fat girls but, I would suggest you otherwise. In fact, this is something that looks good on all body types. The jeans is tight around your whole legs that help in giving proper shape to your legs. The only thing that makes these jeans stand out is that it is generally worn above the navel. It occupies the shape according to the waistline.

High waist Jeans | Charufashions

Low waist Jeans

Let’s talk about the sexiest bottom wear for women. Yes, I am talking about the low waist jeans. The whole structure of the jeans is quite similar to the high waist jeans with the only difference that they are worn 2-3 inch below the naval. If helps you in flaunting your waistline and if you have sexy abs, close your eyes and pick any low waist jeans.

Low waist Jeans | Charufashions

Now, you have my fashion guide for the jeans. So, go bold and pick the best one for you.

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